III International Boraginales Meeting

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Front Row (from left to right): Martin Hamilton, Silvia Pappagallo, Najibeh Ataei, Kristen Hasenstab-Lehman, Mathew Rees, Karel Sutorý

Second Row (from left to right): James S. Miller, Juliana Chacón, Lucie Kobrlová

Third Row (from left to right): Lorenzo Cecchi, Heidi Meudt, Hartmut H. Hilger, Michael W. Frohlich

Fourth Row (from left to right): Federico Selvi, Federico Luebert, Norbert Holstein, Rajendra D. Shinde, Dietrich Ober

Last Row (from left to right): Erik Simons, Alexander P. Sukhorukov, Iranildo M. Melo, Maximilian Weigend, Michael G. Simpson, Julius Jeiter

Absent: Adeel Mustafa

Tim Böhnert
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