A revision of Heliotropium sect. Cochranea (Heliotropiaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:Luebert, F.
Journal:Kew Bulletin
Pagination:1 - 54
Date Published:2013/03/01/
ISBN Number:0075-5974, 1874-933X
Keywords:Atacama Desert, Boraginales, Chile, Life Sciences, general, Peru, plant ecology, Plant sciences, Plant Systematics/Taxonomy/Biogeography, Taxonomy

A revision of the Heliotropium L. sect. Cochranea (Miers) Kuntze (Heliotropiaceae) is presented and a total of 17 species is recognised. Morphology, ecology, distribution, conservation status and phenology of all species are presented. One subspecies, Heliotropium krauseanum Fedde subsp. jahuayense Luebert is described as a new taxon. Two previously recognised species names, H. sclerocarpum Phil. and H. huascoense I. M. Johnst., are placed in the synonymy of H. chenopodiaceum (A. DC.) Clos and H. stenophyllum Hook. & Arn., respectively. One epitype, one neotype and one lectotype are designated here.

Short Title:Kew Bull.
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