Onosma juliae (Boraginaceae), a new species from southern Turkey, with remarks on the systematics of Onosma in the Irano-Turanian region

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:Cecchi, L., A. Coppi, F. Selvi
Start Page:201
Date Published:16 Dic. 2016
ISSN:1179-3155 (print edition), 1179-3163 (online edition)
Keywords:endemic flora, Karaman province, Lithospermeae, Taurus range, Taxonomy

The new species Onosma juliae is described and illustrated based on specimens collected in the westernmost part of the
Taurus range in southern Anatolia (Turkey, Karaman province). Differences with the putatively more closely related species
are briefly discussed, and a synthetic but comprehensive key to the Irano-Turanian members of the genus known to date is
provided to allow the identification of the major species group.

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