Pontechium: a new genus distinct from Echium and Lobostemon (Boraginaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:Hilger, H. H., U. R. Böhle
Keywords:{DNA}, Boraginaceae, Echiostachys, Echium, Lithospermeae, Lobostemon, Pontechium gen. nov.

Plastid (trnL(UAA) intron, trnL(UAA)-trnF(GAA) spacer) and nuclear (ITS1) DNA sequence analyses do not only confirm the separate position of „Echium maculatum L." which this species holds within the genus Echium due to the presence of a bicapitate rather than a bifid stigma, but necessitate the exclusion of the taxon from the genus Echium (Boraginaceae) and the description of a new genus, Pontechium.

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